In Harmonia Goya’s Land, Goya leaves our world for the fantasy world of Harmonia. With our AR experience, the incredible animals of Harmonia visit us in our world.In this application you can observe your animals closely, clean them, cuddle them and feed them.You have never been so close to the land of Harmonia.

Wax Cloud Wallet Connection

wax cloud wallet


To play Harmonia AR, you need to have created a Wax cloud Wallet first.
Go to this address:

First connection to the application

How To Install Android Apps Using The APK File

Harmonia AR is unavailable on the Google Play store. Mobile phone security prevents you from installing applications that have not been verified by Google. You can find here a tutorial to disable this feature and install Harmonia AR.


If your application is not the latest version, you will be redirected to a link to update it.

hello harmonian

Goya says hello and asks you to log in.

Select Wax Cloud Wallet and follow the login process.

Click on “Continue to Harmonia” to be redirected to the application.

Goya calls you by your ID, which is proof that you are connected. Click on “begin” to start playing.


The animals you have access to are listed, click on them to select them. You can change the animal by clicking on the transport cage.

Follow the tutorial and touch a web. These webs indicate that a surface has been detected. Then, you can move your animal where you want it to be.

By default, the game is in “Take care” mode. To switch to “Move” mode click on “Move”. When the mode is in “Take care” the interaction buttons are visible. Drag and drop the images on the animal to interact with it.

By default the animal follows you with its eyes. To stop this, uncheck the “Look at me” box.

The “i” of information gives you information about the species of animals.

You can disconnect your wallet by clicking on the disconnect button on the top left. By default you are reconnected with the last used wallet.

This batelion seems to prefer beta berries to clementines…

Enjoy feeding your favorite animal !