Harmonia Goya’s Land

Harmonia Goya’s Land is the first blockchain game combining a farming simulation with quests to take care of your residents, customize your farm and create items and clothing.


The game rewards

Buy and sell adorable items

Create collections & win rewards

Plant trees (both in-game & physically) to gather unique resources

Stake tokens, buy with tokens, and participate in key governance votes
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What is Harmonia: Goya’s Land?

In a nutshell

Harmonia: Goya’s Land is a mobile farming game in which the player takes care of unique animals which produce ressources to create items and clothing. These items can then be sold on the market or used to customize the game environment. Some actions in Harmonia have a direct impact in the real world, e.g. a tree planted in Harmonia is worth a tree planted in our world.


Goya is a mouse who wanders the streets of Paris. She takes refuge in a cellar. A luminous point calls to her. Goya approaches it and is suddenly sucked in. It’s a time portal that takes her to a future where humans have disappeared because of ecological problems. This world is run by those who have survived: small, lilliputian animals. In Harmonia, everything has to be done again. Nature offers a second chance.


Harmonia: Goya’s Land is full of cute animals, pens, trees, items and mounts you can collect.
Theses collectibles has an impact on the gameplay in its own way. It can ,of course, be bought and sold, but also rented. Animals and trees produce resources. Pens improve animal stats. Items increase the chance of collecting Harmonix. Mounts allow you to move faster. And you can even change your avatar.
If you are new and want to discover our game step by step we have developped a collectible-free version of the game!

Batelions and apples

What is Harmonix ($HmX)?

HmX is Harmonia’s ecosystem token which has payment, reward, staking, and governance properties. To discover our tokens and their specificities, visit this page.
The most common way to earn HmX is by winning mini-games. You can either use it in-game, to repair items for example, or you can store it with one of our 7 NPCs. When you store HmX with these NPCs, not only do you earn interests, you increase your chances of earning HmX in certain situations (like when you go fishing), but you also get a vote on one the multiple topics submitted to the community.


What is Beta Island?

Why Beta Island?

We know how hard it is to wait for such cute and adorable animals. Many of you asked us to cater for them before!
That’s why we are committing to deliver fun to animal owners of our presales quickly with Beta Island. Beta Island is a “mini Harmonia” and beta version in which we are adding gameplay mechanics as we go along, before we move to the real map.

What are we doing there?

As a reward for following us from the beginning, players on Beta Island can earn Beta jelly in game. Beta jelly can be converted into HmX at the end of Beta island giving early players a head start.

From the very beginning, on Beta Island, you will be able to collect a resource: the beta berry. Use it to feed your animals after taking care of them and they will reward you with beta jelly!

What else?

A VR experience is coming soon to enjoy your cute animals even more, as well as micro gameplay like the fishing game. And we don’t stop there, AR is also on the table, getting you even closer to your cute creatures.



Michel Hussherr

Former investor and advisor at Voodoo


Odile Limpach

Former MD at Ubisoft Germany & Austria

Ambrish Parmar

Former KPMG Senior Advisor, Cognizant and Awards International Customer Experience Judge



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Harmonia: Goya’s Land is a unique type of farming game
Buy incredible NFT animals with each of them having their special abilities.

Harmonia is part of the PlaytiX ecosystem, project led by JWA Lab.

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