Harmonia: Goya’s Land

Harmonia: Goya’s Land is the first farming, simulation & ownable game. Start building a new world and help the residents of Harmonia reach the best possible world by exploring a world full of magic, fishing & growing resources, taking care of fantastic creatures, carrying out quests and much more!

Designed for Android, iOS and PC.

A new galaxy of worlds

Personalize your world and visit the galaxy of worlds created by other players while competing for special and extraordinary items. Make it special and earn the right to participate in the decision-making process to influence the future of the game!

What is Harmonia: Goya’s Land?

Create your own world

Are up for the challenge? There is so much to do, you will have to chose if you prefer to plant trees, water carrots or entertain fantastic creatures in stylized pens. Many ways to create your own map, collect resources, and trade them for new animals, trees or special items (if you’re too lazy to craft them!). Some actions in Harmonia have a direct impact in the real world.


Goya is a mouse who wanders the streets of Paris. She takes refuge in a cellar. A luminous point calls to her. Goya approaches it and is suddenly sucked in. It’s a time portal that takes her to a future where humans have disappeared because of ecological problems. This world is run by those who have survived: small, lilliputian animals. In Harmonia, everything has to be done again. Nature offers a second chance.

But a secret seems to be eating away at this idyllic world. Who was Rusk? Where did he go? Why did he leave? And why does a taboo seem to surround this character?


Harmonia is full of collectibles that can be bought, sold and rented. Combining them change your world and make every player experience a different evolution.
You don’t need them to start talking to villagers, plant trees and resolve quests!

Batelions and apples

In-game currencies

In the rich and vast world of Harmonia, residents have organized exchanges with concrete resources and dedicated one role to one currency in order to avoid speculation and specialization.

Fruits are mother nature gift to everyone and therefore the easiest to compare and trade. Most of the collectibles are therefore bought with fruits.

Sorghos are a miraculous cereal, a major component of this thriving new world. It’s very nutritious and comes at almost no cost. Hence, residents are very happy to give you USDC (a stable coin) in exchange for Sorgho. It’s rare and can only be earned.

Harmonia is a very democratic nation. Breaking from the human world, the future of the village is in the hands of those who earned Thino. They can spend it to act the next step quests, buildings or redistribution ratios.

Chronolyx, this shiny blue gemstone, is essential for crafting. A lot of fruits is necessary to buy it but it can be resold to other players.


Michel Hussherr

Former investor and advisor at Voodoo

Odile Limpach

Former MD at Ubisoft Germany & Austria

Ambrish Parmar

Former KPMG Senior Advisor, Cognizant and Awards International Customer Experience Judge


Blokchain Game Alliance

Eden Reforestation Projects

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Harmonia: Goya’s Land is a unique type of farming game
Buy incredible NFT animals with each of them having their special abilities.

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